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Your First Choice for First-Class Driveshafts

Clutch & Drive Shaft Inc is your one-stop destination for high-quality driveshafts. From manufacturing to repairs, our team can handle your driveshaft service needs with expertise. We're better than most of our competitors in the area.

First-Rate Clutches for Automotive

A low-quality clutch can slip, burn up pilot bearings, throw disc springs, or wear out the flywheel causing some serious issues in your car or truck. Don't risk it! Get in touch with us to get the best quality clutch for your vehicle. 

We also provide Twin Disk PTO clutches and agricultural slip clutches. Contact us for your FREE estimate today!

Ultimate Solutions for Your Differential Repair Needs

Clutch & Drive Shaft Inc is not just about shafts and clutches. Our experienced team can provide you full-service assistance for your differential repair needs. 

Our skilled professionals provide exceptional differential repairs and replacements for all kinds of vehicles.

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